Fatal Attraction, Politicians and Wall St.

Systemic Economic Violence, The 1% At War

Corporations, they’ve got what it takes to take what you’ve got: complicit government.

Some economic violence is obvious.  Such as the unjustified attacking of Iraq.

Some not so obvious.  Unethical but (intentionally vaguely?) legal(?).  And then the 99% are billed for it.

  • Bloomberg’s gifting developers with zoning changes for takeover of Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall and gifting the new condo owners with extreme tax exemptions.
  • Oxycontin.  Life destroying, criminal behavior inducing heroin, illegal.  Life destroying, criminal behavior inducing oxycontin, legal.  Legality dependent on who profits.
  • NAFTA.  It’s so good for Mexico that the US has been continuing to be flooded with illegal immigrants.
  • 401Ks, the silent mass robbery.  PBS’ “The Retirement Gamble” says 2/3s of the value of 401Ks will be eaten by mutual fund fees.  And that is what most employers restrict their employees to, an incredibly tiny set of mutual fund choices.  So when you put in $1.50, over the course of 50 years, Wall St. gets $1, you get 50 cents.  If 5% annually goes into your 401K, over your lifetime, it means Wall St.’s on your household’s payroll for 3% of your annual salary.  Also, the bigger thievery, the profits held offshore so that participants never realize any of the enormous profit from investments.  Is it any wonder they have plenty of money to buy off Congress?  Is this something the public is aware of and endorses?  So much for their claim, it’s for the shareholders.
  • Poverty and homelessness.  The obvious systemic defect in far western economic philosophy.  While foreclosed properties sit empty and 40% of food goes to waste in the US.  Moral hazard to feed and clothe the poor, so says the federal government representatives, but not moral hazard to bail out banks.  The latest full on war, suppression of minimum wage in favor of profit entitlement.
  • Offshoring labor.  Now that they’ve secured the US consumer market, a place they can legislate away competitors (no bid contracts for example) and receive top dollar for their goods, they’ve moved manufacturing to the least protected workers on the other side of planet, well out of sight.  The national value, employment and ensuing fiscal recirculation, plummeting.  With most goods shipped from the other side of the planet, ecological impact skyrocketing.
  • GMOs.  Highly invasive.  If not for corporate ownership, via ill-gotten patents, they’d be banned by most states.  Yet this very same invasiveness is the basis for successful lawsuits against farmers, claiming the farmers are growing their crops without compensation.
  • For profit medicine.  Your money or your life.  For cancer, upwards of $100,000.
  • Cell phones and the Internet.  Given land lines are considered a utility, there’s no reason cell phones and cell towers aren’t.  Given the Internet is used to replace phone conversations (medical, financial, etc. communications) there’s no reason it’s not categorized as a utility.  Except for the ex-telecom now FCC staff deciding this.
  • PRISM, KeyScore, etc.  Despite it being the very antithesis of the Fourth Amendment, it is an economic boon to corporations to declare every citizen of the planet a potential enemy, to be tracked and surveilled.  The very essence of an irrational coward – the safest plan is to fear everyone, so says the Bush/Hayden collaboration.



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